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Auckland Recurrent Pregnancy Loss Clinic

If you meet the criteria for the Auckland District Health Board’s ‘Recurrent Pregnancy Loss Clinic’ and live in Auckland ask your LMC for a referral.

Contact details and the criteria to attend the clinic are as follows;

The Recurrent Pregnancy Loss Clinic
Fertility Plus, Greenlane Centre,
Gate1, Building 4, Level 5,
Greenlane West Rd, Greenlane,
or Private Bag 92 189, Auckland.
Ph: (09) 630 9988
Fax: (09) 631 0728

Clinic criteria:

  • Maternal age < 40 years at referral
  • Three consecutive first trimester pregnancy losses/two second trimester pregnancy losses – these losses need to be medically verified.
  • Residents in Auckland, Waitemata and Counties Manukau District Health Board areas are eligible.
  • Both partners are involved
  • Waiting list possible
  • The nurse in charge will talk by phone to anyone who lives outside of the Auckland area who fit the criteria above

For those of you who are unable to qualify for this clinic there are Private Consultants and/or other Auckland Private Practioners in Auckland.

“I was in denial about my second miscarriage for at least a week. We were on a camping holiday over New Year when it started and I guess I chose not to deal with it whilst we were away. Later, I felt guilty that I hadn’t sought medical attention, as perhaps I could have stopped it. Deep down I knew there was nothing I could do. The shock that it was happening to me again was overwhelming but I was fortunate that I had had a successful pregnancy in between. I found that somewhat comforting. The acceptance came sooner, I think, but I experienced deeper anxiety during the following months of getting and then staying pregnant. I don’t know how women who suffer multiple miscarriages cope, as I knew I would struggle greatly to go through another miscarriage. I would not wish it upon my worst enemy.