Auckland Private Consultants

This is a starting guide to Auckland Private Consultants, as our aim is to share our knowledge of the services available. However, we make no recommendations as we are unable to monitor these services.

Auckland Obstetric Centre

Auckland Private Consultants - Auckland Obstetric Centre
Ground Floor,
20 Titoki St.,
Parnell, Auckland.
Ph: (09) 367 1200

Fertility Associates

Auckland Private Consultants - fertility associates
Auckland Clinic
Level 3, 7 Ellerslie Racecourse Drive
Auckland 1051 (Private bag 28 910 Remuera)
Phone: 09 520 9520
Fax: 09 520 9521

Dr Lynda Batcheler

Auckland Private Consultants - linda-batcheler gynaecologist

Obstetrician & Gynaecologist, MB ChB FRCOG FRANZCOG
Level 1, Birthcare Building
20 Titoki St.,
Parnell 1052, Auckland.
Phone: (09) 366 9100
Fax: 09 309 0154

Private Medical

Similar programmes to the public ‘Recurrent Pregnancy Loss Clinic’ are available. Most Auckland private consultants now have websites that will give you an indication of their abilities, qualifications and sometimes the length of time they have been in practice. This is not necessarily a guarantee they are any better than anyone else. There are Gynae and Obstetric specialists in this field in Auckland who are very qualified and have been around for a while.

It is your choice who you would like to see, not your LMCs’ but it is preferable to be referred by them and before you conceive, if possible. This is so that you can have the benefit of the pre-pregnancy care that is usually offered. However, if you are already pregnant, you can still be referred or even self-refer to most private practices. It is helpful to have medical confirmation of previous miscarriages and any other relevant information when seeking treatment. Re-current miscarriage is a couple problem, so it is advisable to take your partner with you when consulting with your chosen specialist, as he will be needed anyway.

Suggestions for a successful consultation;

  1. At the time of making an appointment; make sure their focus is on recurrent miscarriage
  2. Ask what costs are involved, what medical or other information will be required and whether both parents/parents-to-be will need to be present at this first appointment
  3. If not, a support person is always advisable as two people listening means a double check on information given
  4. Prior to the visit, write down your goal for your appointment e.g. the tests available to you (see ‘Testing for RPL’) and any other questions – ask the most important one first.
  5. Arrive early to fill out any forms that may be required.
  6. Have insurance information, medical records and any other required documentation and dates ready and a list of any drugs or supplements currently being taken.
  7. Let the consultant know if you don’t understand any of the terms being used, if the information is being given too fast for you or if you’re simply overwhelmed by it.
  8. Ask for written information to take away.
  9. Make sure you know exactly what is required of you before you leave the office. You will be expected to follow the consultant’s instructions afterwards.
  10. If you have further questions after your session call the office right away and be aware you may be charged
  11. Do extra research on the internet if you feel you need to know more.