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Who We Are

We began as two women looking for answers to miscarriage and formed our group in 1985. We would never have thought that our small not-for-profit, NGO incorporated society would still be needed in this century but we obviously are from the information we get in feedback and statistics. Our website attracted over 20 million hits in the year 2010-2011 and in November 2014 alone there were 2 million.

We have a facebook page as of now (11.14) and regularly send out thousands of our ‘Understanding Miscarriage’ pamphlets per annum, mainly to hospitals and other medical professionals, as well as answering regular emails. There are approximately 6 miscarriage groups nation-wide in NZ (see ‘Independent Support Groups in NZ’) and they all operate separately and differently. There are some dedicated to miscarriage (like us), others offer miscarriage support plus a variety of services e.g. Sands (whose address is at the top of our links list) have groups in many areas of NZ that hold baby loss meetings).

Miscarriage Support Auckland Inc. is still a very small independent group of women volunteers of various ages and we have all experienced the loss of our own babies. We provide emotional peer support and information for women and their families and friends during and after miscarriage and also subsequent pregnancies. We understand the pain and isolation that often follows miscarriage while recognising that everybody’s experience is unique. Our website is a reflection of our knowledge and experience and will hopefully be useful in helping you come to terms with your grief.


We accept volunteer applications for joining our group by email. Participation only entails a commitment of a couple of hours annually at our evening meeting at North Shore’s Highbury Community House in Birkenhead. We have found that it is advisable for everyone’s benefit to have a gap of at least 2 years after a miscarriage before applying. Age is not necessarily a barrier as we all have our own stories, life experiences and skills. Each member contributes a different viewpoint so that we cover as many aspects of dealing with miscarriage that we can.

Please feel free to email Vonney during office hours for initial contact which will be followed by a short interview at our next committee meeting when we also supply an overview of our group and answer any or your questions. We are basically looking for women who are dependable, trustworthy (we are required to adhere to the Privacy Act which includes confidentiality), composed and empathetic. To clarify why we only need committee members (with-out which we of course could not function); once our website went up in 2001, our Support Meetings faded out as did our Supportline calls going from 5 per day to 5 per month. The latter calls are now kindly responded to in cooperation with the Sands Group in Auckland who offer peer support for miscarriage as well as still-birth losses. We have a website section about counselling miscarriagesupport.org.nz/miscarriage-counselling/ for those who feel they need more professional support.

As avenues of communication are now more impersonal, when we do receive recognition by an accolade or donation, we get the ‘feel good’ feeling we all need to continue.

Kind regards and take care,

Vonney Allan,

Our Aims

  • Provide emotional and psychological peer support for women and their families during and after miscarriage and also subsequent pregnancies. We offer them suggestions to help with healing, rather than rescue them, and giving them hope for the future.
  • Promote understanding in the community about the consequences of miscarriage and the resulting grief for women and their families.
  • Help to achieve a greater level of understanding on the part of health professionals about the psychological consequences of miscarriage on their patients, so they do not minimize or invalidate their patients’ feelings.
  • Act as advocate.
  • Promote a more appropriate name that would better describe and validate our feelings such as ‘premature stillbirth’. (As a group we feel the word ‘miscarriage’ does not adequately or sensitively describe what is often the trauma associated with an early pregnancy death. What we experienced was both a birth and a death.)

Understanding Miscarriage Pamphlets

brochureA4 pamphlet ‘Understanding Miscarriage’ which provides a synopsis of this website suitable for lay readers.

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Hi Vonney – It’s always nice to hear from you. I think you’re doing amazing work. Your website is one of the best I’ve encountered in my 7 years of writing for Bella-On-line.
Christine , Bella-On-line

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