New Members

You are always welcome. Membership does not commit you to anything.
You may choose from any of those listed below. The cost is $20 per annum.
Knowing you are willing to join and that you support us is enough in itself.

Sustaining Member

  • found site helpful, donation towards hosting costs
  • no group contact
  • not on mailing list
  • not invited to AGM or functions
  • no membership follow up
  • can borrow library books

Non-active Member

  • invited to AGM and functions
  • has voting rights at AGM
  • membership follow up
  • on mailing list
  • group contact
  • receives on-going support to level requested
  • can borrow library books

Active Member

As for a non-active member above but actively involved as a committee member at biannual meetings in Auckland, when you have worked through the grief process. We usually find that healthy grieving takes up to a couple of years before it is possible to discuss some-one else’s loss with-out experiencing the pain of your own again. If this sounds like you please phone, fax or email us.

Honorary Member

Specially invited members.

Life Member

Awarded after many years of service.